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Trading conditions

Conditions of Trading Transactions Execution

Attention! When producing price charts, MetaTrader 4 uses Bid prices for the maximum price (High), the minimum price (Low), the opening price (Open) and the closing price (Close).

1. Market Orders

  • A transaction can be performed at current prices, which are specified in "Order" window of the trading platform.
  • The transaction is executed at the market price without requotes. The exercise price may differ from the price requested by trader. 

2. Pending orders: Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Stop Loss

  • Order Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Stop Loss is executed as a market order once the current price reached the level of order’s execution.
  • Under normal market conditions, the order is executed, as a rule, according to the price placed in order.
  • In conditions of low liquidity and high volatility of the market, the order is executed at the current market price, which may differ from the price placed in the order.
  • When opening the market with a price gap or a gap within the trading day, the order which got to a gap is executed at the current market price after the gap.

3. Pending orders: Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Take Profit

  • Under all market conditions, the order executed according to price placed in order. 
  • In case the pending order Buy Stop or Sell Stop plus Take Profit orders are made within the gap, then Buy Stop and Sell Stop are executed at the current market price, and the Take Profit order for these orders is cancelled

4.  Marginal requirements

  • Positions are closed forcibly, if the Margin Level becomes equal to or less than 25% for accounts "Forex Classic" and 100% for accounts "ECN".

The issues related to quotation and order execution are in the exceptional competence of RBFXpro. Client’s references to quotes from other information systems are considered unauthorized.

Clients questions related to trade operations are accepted within 24 hours after transaction completion via feedback form. Please choose the message subject: "Questions related to real accounts (only for clients)".


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